Driver Delivery at Your Service

Be In The Comfort Of Your Own Car

A Proffesional Chauffeur at Half the Price

Be Driven in Your Car


NY Off Season Rates


Puerto Rico Rates

Chauffeur Rate

$35 per hour

Chauffeur + Car Wash

$45 per hour

Airport Pick Up/ Drop Off

$55 Per Hour

Our Vehicle + Chauffeur

$65 per hour

Chauffeur Rate

$25 Per Hour

Chauffeur + Car Wash

$35 Per Hour

Airport Pick Up/ Drop Off

$20 Per Hour

Our Vehicle + Chauffeur

$45 Per Hour

Extended trips/Overtime

All trips that exceed 12 hours will have a 10% surcharge added to final total

All trips that extend past 4am will have an additional $45.00/hour surcharge added from 4am until drop-off time (rounded up to the hour)

Cancellation Fee

Prior to 48 hours, no cancellation fee will apply


Between 48 and 24 hours, a two hour fee will be charged


Within 24 hours, a four hour fee will be charged

*20% service and gratuity surcharge not included in price


DWI Prevention Program

Whether you are out to dinner, playing golf or partying with your friends Let Me Chauffeur will provide you with a designated driver so you do not get a DWI. Don't allow yourself to

A) Get behind a wheel while intoxicated

B) Hurt Yourself

C) Hurt your loved ones and someone else in the process.


D) Its Illegal and will end up ruining your career


Be smart and Responsible when it comes to consuming Alcohol, Call us and we will deliver two Chauffeurs. One Chauffeur to bring you and your car home safely and the other to pick up our driver from your final destination.

DWI Prevention Program

Initial Pick up Charge: $100.00*

Each Additional mile: $3.50

$35.00 surcharge after 2:00 am


*20% service and gratuity surcharge not included in price

WAITING TIME: Waiting time is an additional charge. Waiting is calculated from the time of the scheduled pick-up at a rate of $20.00 per 10 minute increment.

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